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Mother’s Day gift ideas


Make Mother’s Day Magical

It’s that time again – Mother’s Day. It rolls around quicker than Usain Bolt with rockets strapped to his feet, and somebody in the family always forgets. The perfume gift sets, the generic bath stuff, the last-minute vouchers. It’s the same old story. Not this year, however, as Print on Paper are here to help you make things a little different. Check out our Mother’s Day gift ideas below:


Family Photos

The classic. Rather than spending hours cutting everything out into a collage, why not put it all in a PDF and create a Broadsheet? A different picture on each page, or just a random collection. Brilliant.

Year in review

New job? Retirement? Elected as Head of State? Map out the year and pop it all into a nice Tabloid. Timeless.

Origami flowers

Bit of a left-field idea here, but just take a look at the fantastic work by Origami Est. She used our Paper Zine to create an Origami kit. Why buy flowers when you can make your own?! The personal touch.

Write your own newspaper

If you’re feeling really adventurous, why not create a newspaper? Make up a headline, get a few images in there, write a fake article or two, and you’re good to go. These are always fun, and show you’ve really made the extra effort.

Kick things off with a bit of discount, too. Use the code ‘mumsonpaper‘ for 10% off all orders over £50.00. Happy Mother’s Day!


Feeling inspired?

However you spend Mother’s Day, we’ve got something for you. With free delivery on all UK orders, why not give Print on Paper a go today? From desk to doorstep, we’ve got you covered.

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