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Our printing processes have changed


As the 1st of November 2019 we will be moving to a new, more efficient way of printing. This will allow us to increase the speed of production and improve turnaround times. It has also allowed us to introduce new stocks to the product offering. For any customers that have ordered previously, we recommend re-ordering a sample pack to ensure changes to the print quality don’t affect your order.

We do point out that each sample pack is correct at time of print and can’t guarantee that each sample pack will also mimic the quality at the time of print due to many factors involved in the process. One of the reasons for making this upgrade is to bring more consistency to the print quality. We’ve received some very positive feedback during testing, which has been the driving force behind this change.

For customers looking for a closer match to historic sample packs, we no longer have the machine that printed your sample pack so it will be impossible for us to provide you with an option to print on this machine. We are releasing a bright white sample that will give slightly punchier colours but will never reintroduce the shine of the toner as we now use water-based inks.


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