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Fight fake news for five feisty reasons

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Episode V: Print Strikes Back

Fake news. Alternative facts. Political agendas. Things aren’t quite right with the world of news at the moment, and it’s down to you to change that.

How can I help?

Don’t just complain about the news – instead, make the news. Our aim is to help audiences produce their own content through our various newsprint formats. Using the products on our website, we’re making it easier than ever for people like you to create something newsworthy. Something newsworthy, by the way, is whatever you want it to be. Check out our five reasons to make your own news below.

1. You deserve a voice

Whether you have a trite political agenda, or you want to create your own comic strip, your voice should be heard. Whether you want to make people laugh or make people think, everybody should have a chance to speak up. Newspapers are a great way of getting your message across, and now you can print professionally at a low cost.

2. People are reading news more than ever

Commuting. Waiting for a bus. Queuing (we love to queue). Everyone reads, and everyone reads the news. The big players might be down in circulation, but newspapers themselves certainly aren’t. Statistics show food & drink sales can increase by 20% through newspaper campaigns. They also show that using newsprint ads can help shoot car sales up by 71%, and that the magazine ad market is worth almost £1 billion in the UK alone. With more people than ever reading the news, and print marketing still proving to be ridiculously effective, there has never been a better time to start producing content yourself.

3. Print IS making a comeback

We were lucky enough to be featured in HUCK Magazine last week, talking about how we can empower audiences to create. The internet allows thousands of people to see something with one click – but this isn’t always good. Good, bad, and plain old nonsensical news can travel like wildfire. Initiatives like Slow Journalism’s Delayed Gratification magazine adopt a calmer, more measured approach to news. With in-depth analyses and helpful infographics, slower news contributes to greater understanding and less hysteria. Definitely for the better.

4. Profit for prophets

Making money might not be your main concern. It isn’t ours either. But with monetary resources, one can achieve great things. Imagine the reach you could have once you’ve gained some interest – in both senses. The sky is the limit, and you can treat yourself whilst you’re at it.

5. News can’t get any worse

We’ve had years of moaning and complaining about the priorities of news publications. Celebrity trivialities and boring stories have been the target of criticism for a long time. But at least those stories were (mostly) true. Fake news is on the rise, and is causing untold damage. From unfairly changing the reputation of small businesses to potentially influencing country politics, fake news has left us wondering what truth actually is.

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