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BREAKING: Broadsheets are back.


Size matters

Ah, the broadsheet. The thinking person’s newspaper. The iPhones of yesteryear. But why do they exist?

Often considered more intellectually-stimulating than their tabloid counterparts, the Broadsheet plays a strong role in the world of newspapers. The larger page format allows the writer to go into more depth than the Tabloid can accommodate for. With this in mind, Broadsheets tend to favour less headlines, and more details. Perhaps not ideal for the commute, but it’s almost illegal to have a Sunday morning without one.

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Between the Broadsheets

So how did they come to be? Large formats had been in existence outside of the UK for a long time beforehand, but like a lot of things, they came about through governmental policy. In 1712, the British government originally taxed newspapers on the number of pages they contained, so publishers started using larger sheets to combat the hike in taxes.

Why are they relevant? Well, just shy of two million are sold each week. That’s right, two million. 1,969,662 copies to be precise. At roughly £2 each, that’s nearly £4 million a week spent on Broadsheet newspapers alone.

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The current UK Broadsheets are the Guardian, the Telegraph, Financial Times, and the Sunday versions of the Times, Daily Mail, and Daily Telegraph. Perhaps not viewed as the most accessible content by all, Broadsheets are an authoritative voice on current affairs. Some prefer the bright-light sensationalism of a Tabloid, and some opt for the analytical ‘grown-up’ detail of a Broadsheet. Us? We, of course, love both. Tabloids are a compact, perhaps light-hearted read, whereas Broadsheets are there for impact.

Whether it’s an exhibition, a look-book, a product promotion, or a light-hearted photo collection for family and friends, Broadsheets are insanely cool. Why not try one out for size today?

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