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Featured artists: The Printed Peanut (Louise Lockhart)


Featured Artist #4: Louise Lockhart (The Printed Peanut)

We had a chat with the sublime Louise Lockhart, founder and creator of The Printed Peanut. Read on to find out more!

Hey, Louise! Thanks for speaking to us. Could you tell us a little more about The Printed Peanut?

The Printed Peanut is my online shop that I sell paper toys, games, stationery and other (mainly) paper products through. I am an illustrator and I love applying my designs to products that you can use in your everyday life. I like to take traditional toys and games and give them a modern twist, making tactile things are an antidote to all things screen based, and hopefully you can treasure for years to come.

Printed Peanut Placemat

We love the A4 Magazine you printed with us. What was your thought process behind using the A4 Magazine format?

I send out a lot of parcels and I this format is an easy size to post, plus I wanted people to keep hold of it and keep it on their desks without it taking up too much room.

A lot of people like to refer to print as ‘dead’. Why do you think differently?

People will always respond to something physical that they can hold and see in their hands, than something on screen. On the internet you can come across interesting images but may forget about them the next day, with a print you can keep coming back to it. I think it gives a different pleasure to see something in real life than on a screen.

What challenges have you found since becoming an illustrator?

It can be long hours and lonely if you work from home. I can’t imagine doing anything else though! Knowing all you know now, what would you say to yourself when you first started drawing? Keep it up! It’s like an athlete training, you need to keep practicing.

Bon Voyage image Printed

What advice would you offer to someone who wants to break into the market as a young illustrator?

Keep true to your own style, try not to be too influenced by what’s ‘current’ or ‘on trend’. If you’re true to your own style people will respond to it genuinely. And just keep on doing it, even if it feels like your not getting anywhere!

What would you say to anyone who is considering using Print on Paper to produce their work?

Definitely do it! 

Finally, out of all of the art you’ve ever produced, what has been your favourite?

 I really enjoyed designing labels for the soap I sell. It’s always satisfying to see a 2D print come to life on a 3D object.

Thanks for speaking to us Louise!

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