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Print with a PoP!


Print that PoPs off the page

Here at Print on Paper, we like print. A lot. We also like quality. A lot. Whether that’s quality of service or quality of print, being the finished article really matters to us. We wanted to commit to improving our print dramatically, which in turn, would help us improve the level of service we provide. So after three months of late nights, early starts, and some very strong coffee; we’ve made some pretty exciting changes. Read on to find out more.


Print with a pop | Print on Paper

“Print that pops off the page”

As we’ve been printing more, we’ve become smarter. Because of our obsession with quality, we recognise that we can always be better. In technical terms, we wanted the quality of our digital print to match the quality of our lithographic print. In simple terms, we wanted to make our print look absolutely outstanding, to beat all of the competition, and to help our customers realise that printing with us is, in our eyes, the best way to print.


New broadsheet print detail | Print on Paper

PoP Print. What’s new?

Bluster aside, let’s get down to the facts. You’re wanting to know what we’ve actually changed. So here it is:

  • We’ve dramatically improved the quality of our digital print
  • With increased capacity, we can work to shorten our turnaround times
  • We can easily run larger volumes of work
  • We’re able to pursue our environmental commitments by investing in vegetable ink, who doesn’t love that?
  • Your prints will dry more quickly (and therefore ship faster!)
  • Everything looks, feels, and even smells nicer.


Old vs new | Print on Paper


Old vs new | Print on Paper



We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve done here, but please don’t take our word for it. Get in touch today to request a sample and see it for yourself.

There’s more…

To go with what you’ve just read, we’ve got another exciting announcement. It’s going to be huge. Stay tuned and check back soon…