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  • TREND-06-1170x702

    3 Graphic Design Trend Predictions of 2018

    3 Graphic Design Trend Predictions of 2018 We have increasingly seen a crossover of print and web design over...

  • suzannaXpop_01

    Featured Artist: Suzanna Hubbard

    Featured Artist: Suzanna Hubbard We were lucky enough to print a beautiful A4 Magazine for the revered Suzanna Hubbard...

  • printhint-feature

    Print Hint 2: Take heed of bleed

    Welcome to the second in the series of PrintHint! Each month at Print on Paper we’ll be covering a different topic relating...

  • CMYK

    RGB vs CMYK

    You will notice that we’re always asking for you to convert your images to CMYK colourspace (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key-Black)...