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3 Graphic Design Trend Predictions of 2018


3 Graphic Design Trend Predictions of 2018

We have increasingly seen a crossover of print and web design over the last few years. With the rapid expansion of digital technologies and platforms, it’s still print-design that helps to catch our eyes between staring at the screens we see so often. So the trends of 2018 are all focused on being bold and attention-grabbing, making use of patterns that have also found prominence on web formats during late 2017. So here it is our top 3 trend predictions of 2018.


DuotoneTrend 2018

Duotone take two

Duotones were undoubtedly a prominent trend during 2017, but we’ve started to notice a twist moving into 2018. By combining Double exposures and duotones or by splitting out and offsetting the channels we’re moving towards a duotone future with a dynamic, progressive feel.


Bright Colours

Bright colours are all in.

Bright, bold colours are going to be in this year. With several high awareness rebrands towards the end of 2017 (Dropbox and eBay to mention a few) sparking the trend of using diverse colour pallets, we’re left with a landscape where work needs to stand out.
Mixing these bright colours with 3D work or carefully chosen gradients also looks to follow trends defining our digital landscapes in 2018.


Real Life Elements

Combining typography/illustration with real-life scenarios is nothing new however a modern graphic design trend is typography tightly interacting with elements of the composition that have either been rendered or explicitly photographed. The achieved effect leaves us with shapes and objects consciously interacting with real-life objects.



It’s still early days so we can’t wait to see what exciting trends do come out of 2018. So let’s see which ones stand the test of time and make it into 2019. Feel free to share your print creations, as well as your thoughts on our social media platforms; we’d love to hear what you think.