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Inspirational Instagram accounts to follow


Inspirational Instagram accounts to follow


Running out of steam? We’ve compiled a short list of great Instagram accounts to follow to help keep you inspired. Enjoy!



Promised Land | Print on PaperPromised Land | Print on Paper

Promised Land Swiss

It’s an exciting time to be involved with Promised Land Swiss. Based in – you guessed it – Switzerland, founder and photographer Liza Mazur describes the initiative as: “a project that includes a magazine, blog, products and events devoted to the arts in their different forms”. We’ve just printed their first issue, and it looked absolutely superb. Liza also had this to say: “Each edition of the magazine will also be accompanied by an exhibition and music concerts. Our goal is to promote emerging artists whether they are photographers, writers, musicians or some other art-related field. Each issue of the magazine will be devoted in part to a specifically selected artist”. Follow them here at @PromisedLandSwiss, and check out their website while you’re at it!


suzanna x PoPsuzanna x PoP

Suzanna Hubbard

If you managed to catch our interview with Suzanna back in June, you’ll know just how incredible her work is already. Head over to Suzanna’s Instagram, or indeed her website, to get a proper look at some of the things she’s capable of. Her repertoire speaks for itself, having been commissioned to produce work for the Radio Times, The Telegraph, The Times, TES, Woman & Home, and Waitrose Magazine – she also had a regular slot for the fashion pages of Marie Claire. Suzanna says of her work: “making art for me is as much about poetry as it is about telling stories, it’s an emotional connection with the world and how I see it”. We produced an A4 Magazine for her, which went down fantastically. Follow Suzanna at @SuzannaHubbard.


Robert Montgomery | Print on PaperRobert Montgomery | Print on Paper

Robert Montgomery

A big name in the art world, we were very excited when Robert got in touch with us to print the version of International Times, which he was guest-editing. After some initial teething issues with colouring, we managed to get everything spot on for what was a highly-demanding job. His back catalogue is breathtaking, and has had London studios in Hoxton, Shoreditch, and Spitalfields. He is currently, among many other things, an associate publisher of Dazed and Confused, having begun working with them in 1999. He has also been featured in The Guardian on multiple occasions. Check out his work here, and follow his Instagram at @RobertMontgomeryGhost.


Katy Welsh | Print on PaperKaty Welsh | Print on Paper

Katy Welsh

Another of our Featured Artists, Katy is a print designer with unbelievable amounts of talent. We were actually lucky enough to have a chance meeting at this year’s New Designers! We produced a Paper Zine for Katy, which she designed beautifully. Katy hones her craft in Bristol. Check out Katy’s work here, and also head over to Katy’s Instagram page here.


Desmond & Dempsey

Desmond & Dempsey are a couple who grew up on the other sides of the world (Australia and the UK), met in Canada, fell in love, and started a hugely successful international nightwear collection together. As you do! We produced some Tabloids for them to showcase their wares to some pretty huge potential buyers across the globe. Check out their Instagram for shots of widely-varying content. A hugely valued customer of ours who are always a pleasure to work with.


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