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We’re used to seeing great artwork here at PoP. But sometimes, we’re lucky enough to print something absolutely beautiful. This stunning Tabloid, named ‘Dodo Won’t Gogo’ by Ryan Hammond, was an absolute joy to print. We sat down with Ryan and had a chat. Check out what he had to say below!


How did you come up with the idea for this project?

This project came about off my own back. I have wanted to illustrate and write a children’s story for a while, but I don’t like making things just for the sake of making it. So when I was exploring ideas for a potential story, I wanted to use an issue that isn’t used much in children’s stories and an issue that we’re all facing currently in our modern world. It’s something that both children and adults can relate to. We’re all so confused by the news at the moment and although we try not to let the bad in the world affect our lives, it does. We need to teach children to go explore, travel and find all the possibilities out in the world, it’s an exciting place. We can’t stop our lives just because of ‘what could happen’. I printed ‘Dodo won’t go go’ as a newspaper to relate to the context of the story and to introduce children to the format of a newspaper. It doesn’t matter if it gets a bit torn or crinkled, it allows children to be more interactive with it and not be as precious about it.


Could you tell us a little bit about your design background?

I have always loved design, I studied it from secondary school, through college and I have just (literally) finished my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. This made my Dodo story even more prominent because the theme of the story of ‘not being afraid to go and explore the world’ applies to me –I have to take my own advice. I have just finished my degree and for years I have known what’s coming next, but now I have the chance to explore the world and lots of new opportunities.


What advice would you give for anyone wanting to go into graphic design?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself and do something different. Everybody is using the same digital mock-ups to place their designs on and employers will be able to tell immediately. Just make design that you love and can relate to, keep working hard at it and don’t be afraid to push past your boundaries. Other people will see the passion you put into your work (and people love what other people are passionate about). Don’t think about grades -design is more about your work and portfolio than your grade. Don’t be afraid to learn, nobody is perfect and you can’t know everything -design is one big learning process. You’ll produce something today and in two years you’ll look back and think ‘why did I ever make that!?’.


What are your future plans for Dodo?

I’m really excited for the future of Dodo! I’m currently looking for agents and publishers that are willing to publish the story of Dodo (as a newspaper –because that is super important to the story). So if you are a publisher or literary agent, please do get in contact with me –I don’t bite, I promise.


What’s your favourite piece of work that you’ve ever produced?

My favourite piece of work that I have ever produced has to be a campaign that I made called ‘Commuknity’. Its aim is to get people to stop, smile and say hi to each other by using the art of knitting. This, just like my Dodo story, addresses a recent issue of how the world is becoming more divided and the smallest things we do, like smiling to each other, can make a huge difference to people’s lives. I used a different approach to a campaign and I stayed true to myself, but it worked for the campaign’s needs as well. My other favourite piece is Dodo –he’ll always have a special place in my heart.


Thanks for speaking to us Ryan!


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