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Megan Campbell

  • Megan Campbell | Print on Paper
  • Megan Campbell | Print on Paper
Client: Megan Campbell Date: August 15, 2017 Category: , View Project

Project Overview

Megan Campbell is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Megan describes herself as “a graphic designer, a creative, a perfectionist, a deep thinker, and a hard worker”. As somebody who was just about to graduate from university, Megan realised she needed a stand-out way to showcase her portfolio. That’s where we came in.
Megan designed a portfolio showcasing a huge range of her abilities. The portfolio included branding, web design, graphic design… Even shots of her dissertation! The product Megan chose was our Paper Zine. Big enough to make an impact, small and sleek enough to not be obtrusive. The result was beautiful, and a picture of the Paper Zine itself is one of our most popular Instagram posts to date.