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Belvita UK

Client: Belvita UK Date: July 25, 2017 Category:

Project Overview

PR agency H+K Strategies were tasked with raising awareness for belVita’s ‘Good Mornings’ campaign. So what better product to choose than our Broadsheet for their breakfast-themed press release, people up and down the country were waking up to a better morning thanks to belVita. “The print was superb. The images looked so crisp and clear. Everyone was absolutely over the moon and I’m looking forward to producing something like this with you again.”
It’s one of the best things we’ve produced here at PoP and we’re always keen to show it off to customers who want to get a good feel for our level of quality. What’s more, if you were one of the lucky people to receive this Broadsheet from belVita, it came accompanied by one of their trademark biscuits! The most important meal of the day indeed.