From Desktop to Doorstep
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Student presentations will never be the same again.


Want to get your message across without sending people to sleep? Read on – we’ve got just the thing.


It’s been said that students have a slightly short attention span. Ever heard of the phrase ‘Death by PowerPoint’? If you have, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, try and imagine how many PowerPoint presentations are happening right now. Imagine, go on. Are you bored? We’re bored just asking you to imagine it.

Worry not, this isn’t a lengthy rant about how awful PowerPoint is. Sure, it can help students explain things more clearly than the spoken word alone, but come on – PowerPoint’s had its fun, it’s time we shook things up a bit.

There’s been some innovation. For one, a nifty little tool called Prezi, which is sort of like PowerPoint’s cooler younger sibling. However, crucially, it’s very complex to use and the transitioning between slides will make you feel seasick.

Of course if you’re a designer, PowerPoint and Prezi are blasphemy. You probably use InDesign to view your wonderful creations, so why not print on paper?

We want something that looks slick, isn’t too difficult to operate, and gets your message across in a unique and refreshing way.


It’s time to go back to basics.


Quick, easy, and simple are all top of the agenda here – for which our Paper Zine fits the bill perfectly. Presenting to a packed seminar room solely on a Zine may not exactly make you Student of the Year, but a funky little handout alongside a last-minute hungover PowerPoint is guaranteed to get you a First. (Disclaimer: the Zine is not guaranteed to get you a First).

Newspapers are just for news, right? Wrong. Very wrong. If you’re a photography student, our Tabloid is the ideal tool for showing off that edgy shot of Borough market at sunrise from the weekend. If fashion is your game, our Broadsheet is spot on for letting people know about your latest designs from a variety of angles. Or if thermonuclear physics is your area of expertise, then we know nothing about thermonuclear physics and therefore cannot come up with a relatable reference. You could just produce an A4 magazine anyway – y’know, with calculations and stuff.

Sometimes it really is the simple pleasures in life that matter most. Starting at the student-friendly price of £5 for a Zine, your printed designs could be sitting on your desk within 48 hours. Whether it’s to impress your lecturers, make your friends chuckle, or demonstrate some serious academic work – a newspaper is a superb way to show yourself off. Why not upload some PDFs anyway and see how it looks with our online tool? Finish off that Pot Noodle and take advantage of our Rewards club – in classic student style, you can have your prints for free. More money to spend on textbooks! Or Jägerbombs. Up to you.


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