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PICTURES: PoP visits – London Art Fair


Artful Art Fair photos in N1

The UK is a fantastic – and perhaps underrated – place to see great art. Print on Paper loves away days, so last week we took a trip to the London Art Fair in Islington. Held at the sensational Business Design Centre, artists and art lovers alike gathered for five days of incredible visuals. Paintings, prints, and mind-boggling sculptures, the London Art Fair had something for everyone. Check out our pictures below!

An interesting take on the Dali classic. Imagine this on the front of a Broadsheet!

Speaking of Imagine, here’s John Lennon. No description needed, other than what a stunning piece of work.

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly print-related… but it’s pretty spectacular, don’t you think? For the sculptors out there, why not pop your designs in a neat Paper Zine? This would look unbelievable in the central fold-out!

A Lowry to finish things off. Classical art will always be appreciated, as will mediums like print. Whilst we’re not comparing ourselves to the fine artists displayed above, we think that no medium of expression will ever die out. With all the time we spend looking at screens, why not surprise your audience with something different and Print on Paper?

With thanks to the Business Design Centre and London Art Fair for what was a great day of exhibits and works. We’ll see you next year!

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