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PoP at the London Illustration Fair!


Curveball alert

As a nice curveball to kick things off, here at the top of the page is the Doodle Man. Not your everyday illustrator, but just too fantastic to not give him a mention. He stole the show, and clamouring to be able to get a decent snap of him in action was well worth the wait. A real treat.


All of the artists under one roof

Print on Paper went on down to the London Illustration Fair this week at the Bargehouse in Oxo Wharf to check out the latest and greatest in Illustration. Cool drawings, great conversation, and red wine. Describe a better Thursday – we dare you!

LIF Work

We saw pictures, prints, paintings, and doodles of all shapes and sizes. Some were sleek, some were quirky, some were downright bizarre. But every last one was brilliant. Check out some snaps below to see what we found, and see if you can take some inspiration for yourself. We loved the fantastic Jolly Awesome, the beautiful Scout Editions, and the very swish Of Cabbages and Kings. You can see some of their work and the prints they have for sale below.


Jolly Awesome


Scout Editions



Come together


Whilst it’s (obviously) great to showcase (show off) your work as much as possible, events like this remind us that there is an entire community for illustrators and designers. The most beautiful concept here was what you saw when you viewed everything as a whole – the diversity. From the beautiful surface patterns of Augusta Akerman, to the hilariously vivid pieces by London Underdown; each stand was utterly unique. Not only is this fantastic to look at, but for those who aren’t well-versed in the world of illustration, the London Illustration Fair can very easily inspire.


Augusta Akerman


In a cracking location with a huge amount of space right on the river, the LIF truly was the place to be for any budding or seasoned artist. We had a fantastic time and made some great new friends. We came away oozing with ideas and brimming with enthusiasm. Thanks LIF, same time next year!


Feeling inspired?


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