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Meet the Judges: Bryony Lloyd

Welcome to the first installation in our Meet the Judges series! Today, we introduce to you Bryony Lloyd. Bryony is the managing director at Antenne Books, a distributor for independent publishers. Established in London in 2010, Antenne Books distributes publications on art, photography, design, illustration, theory, writing, fashion and culture.
AB.C Books
What do you think makes for a great portfolio?
A unique and succinct voice.
With that in mind, what do you think makes for a great designer?
An empathy for people and an understanding of the complexity of viewing media.
AB.C Books
What are your views on the format of print in today’s climate?
I think it’s more exciting than ever. New technologies have made print an almost limitless medium.
AB.C Books
If you could give one piece of advice to somebody entering the Folio Zine Awards, what
would it be?
Stay true to yourself and always enjoy what you are making. Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t try to emulate them.