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Interview with Marcroy Smith


Interview with Marcroy Smith

We asked People of Print founder Marcroy Smith about the success of the Zine format & what advice he would give to anyone looking to print their own.


Marcroy Smith


Hey Marcroy! What do you think makes a zine such an interesting format?

A folded zine is a fantastic medium to display various types of content and imagery. It allows the reader to gradually open it up like a book, directing the flow of the narrative. A single sheet of paper can be transformed into a number of readable ‘pages’, which gives the designer a great platform to get creative with the layout, taking the reader on a journey through the content, leading to a final poster format when opened fully.


When did you create your first zine, and what was it for?

The first ever folded zine I created was in 2008 when I used it as an opportunity to showcase my work alongside my CV and covering letter. I used this to apply for jobs rather than sending out a traditional version.




How did you go about selecting the content for your first zine?

The first zine was essentially images of my work and all of the relevant content that I thought an employer would like to read.


How did this inspire you to come up with the idea for Posterzine™?

The Posterzine™ publication came about as a solution to a problem. It was created as a supplement to showcase an interview which we didn’t have space for in our magazine. It allowed us to publish the interview along with a poster which folded down and got send out with our A4 format magazine.




What’s your process and how long does it usually take to create a Posterzine™ issue? Has this process become any quicker over time?

The concept of Posterzine™ is relatively simple. We contact someone who would like to be involved, we get a journalist to interview them, we collate all of their assets and images of their work into a folder which is then laid out in our Posterzine™ using two or more spot colours. We like to design it as if it were a screen print which gives it a very unique aesthetic with the beautiful overlays of ink. This is then sent to a lithographic press at Pressision in Leeds, folded, boxed and delivered to our warehouse for delivery to our subscribers. The process has most certainly been streamlined as we have gone on.



What was the most difficult thing about creating the first Posterzine™ edition?

The first issue was mainly getting the format sorted. We planned it so that we would have an identity and universal format that would allow us to create future editions.


What advice would you give to anyone looking to Folio Zine Awards?

Get your assets together, think about the format and how you can clever display your content for the reader. It’s amazing how a layout can take the reader on a journey. Maybe make some mockups to see how it reads and how it opens in the reader’s hands.


Feeling inspired?

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