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Instagram Roundup Part II


Instagram Roundup Part II

Way back in summer (which sadly seems so long ago…) we gave you a list of inspirational Instagram accounts to follow. Guess what? We’re back for a second round! Read below for our next instalment of who you should follow. Get those thumbs at the ready!


Flynn | Instagram


Jonny Flynn is a hugely talented art director & photographer based in Whitechapel, London. We were lucky enough to be asked to print two separate jobs for Flynn; one professional, and the other – you could say – personal. We printed a small Tabloid for Flynn, which was a great way to test a heavy block of darker colours on the front page. It featured some illuminating artwork throughout. We also, however, were asked to print a series of wedding itineraries for Flynn’s big day with his other half Michaela. From the pictures to the typeface, from the idea itself to the colour scheme used, the design was fantastic. For some absolutely superb photography, make sure you follow Flynn on Instagram!


Kate Alizadeh | Instagram

Kate Alizadeh

Kate is a freelance illustrator currently based at The Printhaus in Cardiff. She got in touch with us to produce her Paper Zine, and what a reaction it got! Kate’s Instagram contains some fantastic drawings of her work, and also a sneak peek into some of her upcoming projects. Kate was also lucky enough to be our first ever PoP Golden Ticket winner. What is the meaning of this? It’s top secret. Place an order, and you might just find out…! Check out Kate’s work here, and follow her on Instagram here.


Gallery 46 | Instagram

Gallery 46

We absolutely love Gallery 46. They’re an East London gallery who showcase some of the biggest names in the art world. One of their recent exhibitions for Emma Elizabeth Tillman required 200 8-page Broadsheets from us to showcase Tillman’s work. The end result was fantastic, with a beautiful mid-page spread of Tillman and her husband Josh, better known as his stage name Father John Misty. Next time you’re in London, make sure you take a trip to the brilliant Gallery 46 in Whitechapel! Check out their Instagram page here.


Out of Place Books | Instagram

Feral Spaces

Dan Lyttleton, alongside Laurel Gallagher, has created the initiative Feral Spaces, published by Out Of Place Books, who refer to themselves as “a platform developed to promote photography as a way of exploring and learning about places. We focus on publishing photobooks and we are committed to developing community and educational programs”. All of the aforementioned are worth a follow, showcasing some fantastic and widely varying works across their feed. Check out Dan’s work here, and Feral Spaces official account here. More to come from this bunch in Autumn 2017!


Baldwin | Instagram


US fashion giant Baldwin called on us to print the catalogues for their Spring 2018 collection. Baldwin’s threads are sharp, and their style is sleek. They’re rooted in Kansas City, with outlets in New York City, Dallas, and the beautiful Los Angeles. They regularly post about their insanely cool clothes, and it’s enough to get any amateur designer’s head-turning. For something a little different with extreme style and sleekness, check out Baldwin and give them a follow. You won’t regret it.