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PICTURES: PoP visits – G.F. Smith & Mulberry collaboration


A cornucopia of colliding colours

Here at Print on Paper, we see our fair share of, umm… paper. Being printers, we also have a huge appreciation for colour. So when we heard G.F. Smith were to have their own installation in London, we were first in line. Designed alongside Made Thought and D-Raw, the space shows off more than one exhibit, which includes a historical insight into G.F. Smith’s inner workings.

With the collaboration partner changing quarterly, the space will always look refreshed. Mulberry is a brand readily associated with quality and luxury materials, so who better for G.F. Smith to partner up with? Check out our pictures below from the tour.


GF Smith Exhibition | London


We’re always looking for inspiration. Whether it’s a different type of paper for a completely new product, or merely what colour scheme to re-decorate the office with, we need external stimuli to help us tick. A tour around this beautiful exhibition definitely falls under the bracket of ‘inspiring’, and you can easily see why. Stay tuned for more information on that ‘completely new product’ by the way, we’re about to do something exciting.


GF Smith Exhibition | London


This colourscape is situated at the very front, visible before you even walk through the door. It’s something of a journey of colours, and it takes you through the whole spectrum. As grand as it is, it’s only something of an appetiser for your eyes before the visual banquet downstairs. Trust us.


GF Smith Exhibition | London


The tour was genuinely informative too. Not only did we get a chance to see some of the most glorious bespoke swatch books around, but we were lucky enough to gain more of an understanding of everyone’s favourite paper merchant. This included seeing a century-old satchel, and handwritten war-time letters.


The Seascape

GF Smith Exhibition | London


So here it is. The visual feast. Precisely 1,042 individually rolled and placed pieces of coloured paper. Designed by Made Thought, this ‘seascape’ showcased a huge array of colours, and complemented the front-window colourscape beautifully. It was the perfect end to an engrossing afternoon.

At the top of this article you can see the Collection Wall; a stretch of space which houses every single paper G.F. Smith have ever released. One for the geeks, perhaps, but even the less-initiated PoP colleagues were blown away. The visuals were spectacular, the tour was engaging, and the overall concept was executed gloriously with the perfect amount of education and innovation. Thanks G.F. Smith, we’ll be back in the Spring.


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