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G.F Smith reveal world’s favourite colour!


The world’s favourite colour

Here at Print on Paper, we love G.F Smith. Not only do we have their swatch books on our desks, but our A2 and A3 Posters both come in G.F Smith’s beautiful Mohawk Superfine stock.

We’ve been following their recent campaign very closely, and after months of voting, G.F Smith have finally been able to reveal the world’s favourite colour, chosen by all of us.

It’s a question that you’re asked at every stage of your life. Whether it’s your first day at pre-school, an awkward team bonding day at work, or an incredibly painful first date… ‘what’s your favourite colour?’ is a question we all know and love.

So here it is, in all its glory:

The world’s favourite colour is MARRS GREEN. It’s a sort of deep teal. A turquoise with a touch of mint. A green. A blue. Okay, we aren’t quite sure. But take a look here to decide for yourself! Remarkably, it is strikingly similar to our Print on Paper icon… Some would say fate, otherwise would say coincidence. Either way, we feel happier and more fulfilled knowing the world’s favourite colour. Thank you G.F Smith!