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Featured Artist – Scout Editions


Featured Artists #1: Scout Editions

We caught up with the wonderful Pui from Scout Editions, a brother and sister design collective.



1.     Hi Scout Editions! Thanks for chatting to us, we’re huge fans! How long have you been illustrating/creating for?

My name is Pui and I’m the creator of the Scout Editions brand along with my brother Wai. I’m a Graphic and Product designer and have been working in the design industry for some time for fashion, beauty and lifestyles brands. Art direction, branding, retail, product design and illustration work. Although a Graphic and Product designer, I’ve always had a love for illustration, so slowly subconsciously illustration seeped into my work. I decided to explore this area more in my free time, well what free time I have! And developed a range of illustrated cards that soon became my first range for the Scout Editions platform. I created Scout Editions as a platform to be able to play, experiment with ideas and also collaborate with other fellow designers. Things really took off as I met more people through doing events etc. This was when I realised I needed more help, so my brother Wai came on board.


2.     Your work seems to have a bit of a nature theme. Could you expand on that for us at all?

My work tends to have a theme that I work towards. However it was not really planned out, the first range kind of set the tone and then naturally collections after that followed linked with each other. The theme is mostly wanderlust, nature inspired subjects like birds, creatures, plant life etc. Living in a busy city like London, I often find myself day dreaming in front of my mac computer whilst working. Conjuring up whimsical, quirky creatures and habitats. Basically creating a little world for the creatures. I love the contrast of living in the city and the work is inspired by nature and the great outdoors, I guess its my way of escapism. I usually get inspired by travelling, it doesn’t have to be abroad it could just be a short train journey out of London that gets me thinking and looking at things out of the window. Or something I’ve read in the papers that morning or out and about I may see someone on the street wearing a jumper with the most beautiful colour palette that gets me inspired. 

 Scout Editions

3.     Is it important to work with processes in place each time you produce something? Or do you find it better to be completely fluid?

I try not to think too much about how I want a range or product to end up. I tend to start with a thought and start illustrating and see what happens. I like to go with the flow and let things happen naturally, and a nice surprise happens along the way. On the other hand, with client commissioned projects, I do need to have a bit more of a plan in place at the start of the project. This is only so I don’t go off track too much. As a lot of the time I’m working towards a deadline, so my creative process needs to be tighter also as I have a brief there are certain points I need to cover. I wouldn’t say it was  a compromise but more controlled and sometimes a brief is good as it does challenge me to work differently. 


4.     You spend time doing something you love, which is clearly awesome. What are your long-term plans with regards to illustration?

Yes we love doing what we do. Our long term plans are to continue illustrating and creating new product ranges for Scout Editions and also do more illustration commissions. We’d also love to work on a larger scale too and I hope to illustrate a book one day.


5.     What do you think of the current landscape for illustrators? Is it a good time to be an artist?

I think its a great time time to start up your own business, though I know it may seem not so with Brexit etc. However we think at a time where it feels uncertain with the economy etc,  it proves that anything can happen,  to try to enjoy the simple things like doing what you love if you can. Also a great way to express yourself through illustration. Illustration is definitely on the forefront at the moment, and we love that there is room for all styles.

Scout Editions

6.     Following on from there, what advice would you give to somebody wanting to break into the industry?

Try to keep focused on what your style is, this is important as there is so many great illustrators out there, its good to be remembered for the way you illustrate. Consistency is key and this builds a strong brand and presence. Try and showcase your work where possible, from small art fairs, events etc. You’ll get to meet lots of people in the same position as you and learn from each other. Also you’ll gradually build up your audience.

7.     Finally… What’s your favourite thing you’ve ever produced? 

A tricky one, but I have two, one is a product range myself and a friend Gemma designed and illustrated for Bliss Home. The theme was Woodlands, which we illustrated and designed a range of ceramics and kitchen products. It was challenging and satisfying creating a whole range of products from our illustrations into 3D objects. Learning about ergonomics of a product etc. The second is the pigeon illustration. Its our best selling illustration and also what we are known for. One of my early illustrations from when we started. Who knew there are so many pigeon lovers out there! 

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