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FEATURE: Rubies in the Rubble @ Selfridges!


Featured Artist: Rubies in the Rubble

We’ve printed some lovely A3 Poster Menus for Rubies in the Rubble, and after checking out their pop-up stall at the prestigious Selfridge’s food hall, we sat down with Claudia for a chat!

Hi Claudia! Could you tell us a little bit more about the idea behind Rubies in the Rubble?

Rubies in the Rubble is an award winning brand of delicious condiments made from fruit and veg that would otherwise be wasted. The brand started with a love of food and sustainability. Currently 1/3 of all food is wasted and we want to be a brand that raises awareness about the need to cherish all of our food supply and see it as a precious resource. Through our range of condiments we rescue fruit and veg that would otherwise be headed for landfill for silly reasons like being the wrong shape, size or colour. We want to ensure that good food is valued and nothing in the harvest is wasted.
Rubies in the Rubble | Print on paper
The idea is fantastic – have you found the local community to be supportive?
When we started, first and foremost we wanted to make sure that people loved our products for their taste – and we are really proud of the great taste awards we have achieved –  but we definitely underestimated the support and growing interest for fighting food waste and eating more sustainably that we have had. It’s been incredible to see the interest and support from retailers, cafes and customers.
Rubies in the Rubble | Print on paper
Do you enjoy being based around Borough Market, such a staple area within London’s food scene?
People who run food businesses with passion are the best types of people to be around. There is a fantastic community of great people and we are really fortunate to be a part of it.
What made you choose newsprint as a format for design?
For us, sustainability is key in any decisions we make, and that includes printing our marketing materials. The fact that Print on Paper use 100% recycled paper was important to us. The other reason we chose newsprint was because we were going for a newspaper feel with the design, with lots of information, illustrations & facts in the artwork. The idea is that we’ll print a new version every season to keep it interesting! The response to the format has been really great – people enjoy that it’s a little different to a regular leaflet and the rough, uncoated feel communicates our brand messaging in a lovely and tactile way.
Rubies in the Rubble | Print on paper
What does the future have in store for Rubies in the Rubble?
We have just launched a range of fun ketchups which we are very excited about, and our dream for the future would be to have an umbrella brand of great tasting products held together by our ethos of sourcing food in the most responsible way – for a future where our planet feeds its people… we will get there!
…and finally, what’s the best recipe on your website?!
We’ve recently launched our range of ketchups and the whole team is obsessed with them, dolloping them on just about anything! My current favourite is putting the chipotle ketchup on a breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, peppers, avocado… the works!
Thank you for speaking to us! You can find out more about Rubies in the Rubble here