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Christmas tips from Print on Paper


Stuck for gift ideas? We’ve got something for everyone.


Read on for some festive printspiration! (Sorry)

First of all, who said a Tabloid was just for printing news? Who decided that a Broadsheet was just for financial forecasts? Who said A4 Magazines weren’t for… wearing as a hat? Well, we did. Don’t wear them. Please. But do print absolutely anything you want this Christmas. 


Having guests round?

Fed up of cleaning placemats? Design your own, and pop them in the recycling once the banquet is over. Never clean a placemat again, and you’re staying green each time! Also, even better if you’ve got kids. Upload and print pictures of their favourite cartoons.


Photo albums with a twist.

Fed up of buying everyone the same £12.99 bath-themed gift set every year? Get someone a present to remember. Print out some Paper Zines filled with pictures of you and the family. A photo album with a difference.


Business owner?

Our products are a great way to advertise things in a fun, niche way. Why pay for minuscule ad space in the back of the local gazette when you can produce the Daily Bugle yourself? With the plethora of Christmas advertising taking place at the moment, thinking outside the box has never been more important.


Family newsletters.

A huge divider of opinion. Cringeworthy to some, the highlight of Christmas to others. Probably. Put a smile on the face of a naysayer by turning the newsletter into a Tabloid. This way, nobody will forget your summer trip that they totally haven’t heard enough about.


Finally, the wrapping paper.

Trust us on this one. You can do this with Tabloids, or perhaps some Broadsheets for maximum coverage. Almost every present you’ve ever received has been wrapped in supermarket-bought wrapping paper. What better way to make someone chuckle at Christmas by wrapping up their present with pictures of yourself? They’ll know exactly who it’s from, and they’ll forgive you for buying socks. Again.


Feeling inspired?

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