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Calling all procrastinators. Six steps to dodging distraction!


Distraction 101

Do you struggle with distraction? Are you a professional procrastinator? Check out our six steps for how to avoid distraction below!


It’s well-documented that exercising the body also helps with the mind. Obviously we aren’t suggesting you become Arnie just to finish your latest brief, but a good bit of exercising can get the blood pumping and the creativity flowing.

Video games

That’s right, video games. A difficult one though. One that actually requires critical thinking and problem-solving on an intricate basis. Mario Kart, as fun as it is, probably isn’t ideal.

Learn to focus…

Like Neo, you need to have superhuman focus to get something done. Whether that means putting your headphones on or making a strong coffee, try to have

…But also ignore

More important than focusing however, is not succumbing to distraction. Whether it’s your latest Tinder match or some loud lawn-mowing across the street, life is full of distractions. Just find that mute button.


A messy desk leads to a messy mind. Have a tidy up and gather your thoughts. A little feng shui never hurt anybody, and you might find yourself feeling a lot calmer and ready to focus afterwards.

Get out more

Go for a walk! The great outdoors and some fresh air can work wonders. A spring in your step indeed.


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