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NEW!! Product, Check out Newspaper Flyers....

They’re here! A2 & A3 Posters


Stop press!

Today we’re announcing the launch of a brand new product – our range of Posters!

Ideal for those who want to make a statement. Available in A2 and A3 on G.F. Smith‘s beautiful Mohawk Superfine stock, they’re a fantastic way to get your voice heard. Starting at 25 copies.


A2 & A3 Posters | Print on Paper


Why posters?

Portable and easy to display on any upright surface, posters have been in use since the very inception of Lithography in 1796. Traditionally used to market entertainment events or wartime messages from the government, posters are known universally as the greatest way to advertise. Supremely popular no matter which part of the world you’re in, we knew that adding posters to our repertoire was too good an opportunity to miss. Perhaps you’ll blu-tac 25 A3 Posters in your Student Union to advertise for a new club night. Maybe you’ll mass-market the entire country to join the military (think: Uncle Sam’s I Want YOU campaign). Whatever your purpose, our Posters are here to help.


A2 & A3 Posters | Print on Paper


G.F. Smith’s Mohawk Superfine

What’s so special about this stock? We had a chat with G.F. Smith to find out why:

“There is an extensive range of uncoated papers on the market, all manufactured to varying quality standards. Mohawk papers are formulated to strike the delicate balance between ink holdout and ink receptivity. Printers choose Mohawk’s uncoated papers because they provide superior ink holdout and are dimensionally stable.”

GF Smith Poster Detail | Print on Paper

The posters themselves are weighing in at a sturdy 148gsm. We specifically chose this weight to step away from the classic flimsy, gloss posters. Of course, we didn’t want to make them too thick – they are posters after all. But, as we’re sure you’ll agree, our A2 & A3 posters are definitely worth getting excited about.